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Cory Grandel

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Cory L. Grandel, a Senior Wealth Advisor with over 26 years of industry experience, is committed to maintaining standards of integrity and professionalism. He holds both the role of Senior Wealth Advisor and President of Grandel Financial, as Your Hometown Retirement Partner, where he helps clients pursue their financial retirement goals. Cory works in his clients’ best interests with a personalized approach committed to the fiduciary standard. Ideally this trusting relationship means that he is here for his clients and is striving to work with them toward achieving their short-term goals and long-term aspirations.

“I focus on retirement planning, investment management services and tax-planning strategies. Being a fiduciary focused advisor guides the action I take. It’s me being comprehensive and continuously working for you in a responsible, accountable relationship. I am dedicated to understanding my clients unique goals, long term planning needs and the weight of my responsibilities to my clients. I do well, when my clients do well.”

In addition, Cory currently holds membership in the Premier Association of Financial Professionals (MDRT) and the Financial Services Institute (FSI).

What Can Readers Expect from is a platform for financial content inspired by Cory Grandel’s insights. Cory speaks to how, today, there has been a booming interest in financial literacy as it concerns retirement, estate, investment, and more. With this in mind, content addressing various concepts within these fields aim to help readers grow their understanding of key processes and best practices.

A few types of topics that readers can expect from future content on include:


As a senior wealth advisor, Cory Grandel helps clients understand the processes involved in investment and how they can be harnessed for financial success. While investment can seem simple on its head, there are a lot of things to consider when evaluating whether or not a strategy is optimal for one’s current financial reality and goals. A primary goal of this site is to explore principles and strategies that empower individuals to create a portfolio matching their goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, etc. Through investment content addressing a variety of topics, Mr. Grandel hopes to provide resources that help readers avoid some of the challenges associated with diving into investment.


The protection that effective insurance packages can provide can be helpful for transferring financial risk of life events off of a policyholder and onto an insurance company. This is why insurance is a very important for protecting wealth and financial futures. Readers can expect that future content on this site will explore insurance strategies, their benefits, how certain insurances offer protection, and how prospective policyholders can better evaluate their needs for certain insurance packages.


Cory Grandel speaks to how estate management enables people to manage their affairs more effectively and even ensure that wealth distribution upon one’s death is handled as intended Individuals across the financial spectrum benefit from estate strategies that take their goals into account. To this point, aims to serve as a one-stop-shop for estate management content that covers the processes involved in ensuring that one’s estate is planned and managed according to plan.

Cory Grandel


Effective tax strategy can be incredibly valuable to those who want to improve their financial futures. For this reason, will feature high-level information on concepts such as deferment, tax-efficient investing, and the key to consistent and careful preparation.


Retirement is a goal of many members of our workforce, especially as they get up there in age. While many know that personal savings, social security, and investments play a role in being able to retire, many of the moving parts involved in retirement allude those who have not been consulted on the subject. Mr. Grandel notes that accessible resources that explore core concepts of retirement are key for educating others on how to ensure they are financially protected in their senior years. Future retirement content will address topics such as investment strategies for retirement and constructing comprehensive plans to prepare for a more comfortable retirement.

Charitable Works

Cory Grandel mentions the importance of professionals contributing to their communities through charitable work and initiatives that uplift others and provide them with critical access to resources. Cory’s firm, Grandel Financial, frequently gives back to charitable organizations such as United Way and Greene County Humane Society, mentioning how these groups are on the front lines offering solutions to challenges impacting others’ quality of life. For more information on Cory Grandel and Grandel Financial’s efforts to shine a light on charity campaigns and community outreach activities within the greater Pennsylvania area, check out future content featured on

Recent Wealth Management Developments

Developments within the wealth management space play a vital role in advancement and innovation. Whether it be new technologies and supporting applications, changes to existing policies, the evolution of best practices, etc., keeping up with the latest within the field empowers professionals, clients, and those interested in taking control of their financial futures to make more informed decisions and seize opportunities. If you are in search of more information on recent news in the wealth management space as well as its scope and impact, has you covered!

More from Cory Grandel

Mr. Grandel acknowledges that his over two decades of experience in the wealth advising space places him in the unique position to share high-level, informative resources that can be incredibly valuable for readers exploring their options for financial solutions moving forward. For this reason, posts linked to Cory Grandel’s areas of expertise hope to inspire individuals to learn more about the wealth advising space, their potential need for wealth advising solutions, and the developments leading the way toward innovation and advancement within the industry.

Interested in more on wealth advising, professional development, recent industry news, etc. from the lens of an experienced professional such as Cory Grandel? Tune in to this site for more informative content based on Mr. Grandel’s insights.